Things to know about CPY

CPY also known as CONSPIR4CY is a Warez Scene group founded in Italy in 1999. They came to fame after fully cracking the updated v3 anti-tamper Denuvo-protected games Inside an Rise of the Tomb Raider in August 2016. They achieved this feat by emulating the anti-tamper and patching the rest of the in-game triggers. This made them the first warez group to create full cracks for games by the third version of Denuvo software protection. For both games Inside and Rise of Tomb Raider they released under the name of CONSPIR4CY, though they used the tag CPY to release Doom in September 2016.

Subsequent Releases

They subsequently cracked a game in the shortest amount of time after release until then. Only five days after Resident Evil 7: Biohazard CPY managed to crack the Denuvo-protected game. Subsequently Mass Effect: Andromeda was cracked by them in only ten days after its release. The methods used by CPY to crack games was criticized by SKIDROW, a different warez group in July 2017. Assassin’s Creed Origins, was cracked in February 2018 which had an upgraded version of Denuvo as well as a different DRM called VMProtect. Far Cry 5 and hugely popular and highly reviewed game, was cracked by CPY in April 2018, a game that had the extensive protections of VMProtect, EasyAntiCheat, UPlay and the latest version of Denuvo 5.0.

The Warez Scene

 Appearing first around the time of bulletin board systems (BBSs) the warez scene is a hidden and secretive community of groups whose expertise is the cracking of material that is copyrighted. The groups are composed people with special skills and advanced software and know-how of cracking. Not limited to only games, TV shows, movies, music and software and e-books. In the beginning the community only shared with it own members.

Soon, however due to torrents and file hosting sites files began being shared to the public as is nowadays. Even though there is no proper leadership or organization among the Scene the groups have rules that are collectively followed by each of the members. The rules are for encoding and are separate for each Scene category of content. The rules are also requirements that the groups should follow when releasing material and managing it. So when uploading material if any rules are broken or there is a technical error the other groups will flag the release as bad content, this is called as nuking. Even though there are no monetary compensation or rewards groups still try to beat each other in getting new content cracked and released as fast as possible.



 Things to know about CPY