Dota 2 MMR Carry or Support

One of the hardest things to do in DOTA is to get out of the 1k MMR bracket. If you are an amazing player already, then you will obviously calibrate well into the 3k and 4k MMR brackets where your contribution will really make a difference as an individual.

However, down the lowly depths of 1k MMR play there are some very bad players which means you must be several notched above them.

A lot of players ask whether they should be supporting in 1k MMR to get out of it. After all, supporting means you will help your carry get fat. If your carry is fat, he/she will destroy the other team. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth in most cases.

Most of the time you will make your carry fat yes, but then the carry has no idea what to do with their sudden massively improved farm.

As a support, you will have made your carry fat (well farmed with a lot of items and XP). An experienced or knowledgeable Dota player will take that farm and use it to win the game. A non-experienced player tends to feel invincible and runs into every fight without planning.

The problem here is that your carry with all the farm is supposed to wait for the back-up of his/her team. In reality, a lesser player tends not to do this. The result is your carry ends up dead most of the time allowing the other team the time to take down your towers and win the game.

What Is the Solution For 1k MMR Players?

Literally the only way in my experience to get out of 1k MMR in Dota is to become a good carry. Forget supporting other players because it rarely works and a lot of effort goes to waste.

Choose 3 – 5 decent carries and learn them inside out. Figure out a routine that allows you to always farm quickly. Wraith King is great one to win games because you start in the jungle and get fat very quickly if you master the first 10 minutes of your farming.

Axe is another game winner. He is a little harder than Wraith King to master though. Despite being a super strong hero, you cannot just expect to charge into fights with him and win. If you can play Axe as a carry and be smart about it, you will win a lot of games.

Phantom Assassin is another is another carry that wins games. She is one of the easiest heroes to master in Dota. The great thing about PA is that once you have figured out how to farm and level quickly enough with her, then you will be a game winning carry.

This is essentially how to get out of 1k MMR. Become a game winner! It is not easy to get to a level above your other 1k MMR counterparts, but with some effort it is very doable.

Are there any other tips?

Play mid – if you are a good player, then insist that you will play mid when you start the game.

What is the Solution for 2k+ MMR Players?

When you get to 2k MMR, you will find a real mix of good and bad players. It’s quite tough at this level too. Although, the nice thing about 2k MMR is you generally have team mates that know a thing or two about how to play Dota and the strategy side to the game.

If you play support at this level assisting your carry in getting fat, then your carry will appreciate it. Often, your carry will know exactly what to do with a well farmed hero and use the hero to your team’s advantage.

How do you become a good support at this level?

  • Learn how to stack creeps
  • Learn how to ward properly
  • Make sure you de-ward
  • Collect bounty runes (Leave your carry in the lane to get more XP)
  • Pull creep waves so the other team’s lane is denied XP
  • Become a master at denying creeps

Other Tips to Improve your MMR

  • Use YouTube as a resource for watching other players
  • Watch your game again and see where you could have done better
  • Watch games you lost where you saw the other teams carry win the game
  • Control your temper – getting angry will just make you make bad plays

Dota Boosters

We do not recommend using any type of boosting for Dota 2 simply because this is unfair on better players. What tends to happen is people think or feel they are better at the game than they really are. They get a booster to boost their account’s MMR.

This is like putting a rookie football player in a pro team. The difference will be quickly spotted. In team games where you are relying on every position to play their role to the same level as the rest of the team it, it means being as good as those players and as experienced.

Re-calibrate Every Dota International

There are obviously a lot of people that get frustrated with Dota. They have become better players, but the rest of the team is letting them down. This is especially true at the 1,000 MMR level. Boosting is one option. However, this means you will not be the super carry that you need to be to get yourself out of the 1,000 MMR level.

Another way to get a realistic representation of your MMR after playing for a long while is to recalibrate using the Dota International Battle Pass. You will be able to play 10 games in solo or party MMR and get a new MMR given to you. That new MMR will not take effect until the end of the Battle Pass season.

The main point here is that if you calibrate higher than your current MMR, then you should continue playing the season ranked games until the season’s end at which point you can swap your MMR.

Follow This Great Advice

Personally, I am a 2.2k MMR player at Dota. I started playing 1 year from the date of this post. At that time, I calibrated at 600 MMR, which was given to me after 3 months of play. The more I got to learn about the game, the more I realized I needed a way out of the lowly depths of 3 figure MMR play.

I managed to get to 1.4k MMR as my highest solo rank point and then fluctuate between 1.4k and 1.1k simply because my teams were basic. No team work and a lot of bad players. In the end, it became much like a lottery.

Since the new battle pass came out this year, I have recalibrated on the international at 2.2k MMR. That isn’t as bigger jump as I hoped, but at least I know it is realistic. I know the level I am at now and Dota also recognized that I should be playing at a better level.

The difference is huge despite only about a 1k MMR jump. That jump has saved me a lot of time toing and throwing between bad teams and now as a support I am really making a difference in the games I am involved in.

Tale my advice above, keep practicing and let time make you a better player! Next year I will recalibrate again, and who knows? I might jump 2k MMR!!!

Here is a great coach teaching a new player at 2.2k.

 Dota 2 MMR Carry or Support