Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO)

The gaming world has become an immense ecosystem and financial industry. It offers players the opportunity to enter a virtual reality of their own choosing. With technology evolving at an exponential rate it is really hard to keep up. This exponential evolution means that there are constantly new games coming out with so many new features that were never possible even only a few months ago.

This industry has millions if not billions of players from all over the world. With this industry being as big as it is, the development companies are some of the biggest companies in the world with names like Nintendo, Rockstar Games, Ubisoft and Sega Games.

About Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO)

CSGO is a multiplayer first-person shooter game. First person shooting means that you look through the eyes of your character in the video game. This game was developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It was first released in 2012 and since then it has become one of the favorites among the first person shooting community. It has continued to stay firmly in the market by continuously upgrading and developing new features.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive has thousands of players from all over the world. It started out by letting you play against computer players that could be set on different difficulties. Then you could LAN with your friends by connecting computers through a local area network cable, you could then play with your friends. And latest is the online gaming arena where you play against other players from different locations, all in one big online arena.

The main principle behind the gameplay is that there are two forces that play against each other in a game of shoot to kill. The two forces are the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. They go head to head in a number of different scenarios from hostage rescue to demolition. There are also individual based modes like deathmatch.

Why is it popular

CSGO has made a very popular name for itself. This is mainly because it was one of the first really good first-person shooting games. It made name for itself by being a very technical shooting game and also very realistic. It is very fast, as can be expected form Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist encounters. This also means that it pushes the players’ reflexes and reaction times to the limit. Mostly it is only a matter of split seconds difference between either you or them taking the bullet.

CSGO is one of the most tactical shooting games there is. For this reason, it has a very big following on the professional level. This brings in a lot of publicity to the game and brings in a lot of prize money for the players. This makes every CSGO player dream to play professionally.

What is to like about CSGO?

Tactical – as mentioned above CSGO is very tactical. This includes things like working the corners and the angles so that you have the maximum chance of shooting the opponent first. It includes the use of tactical grenades such as flashbangs to blind your opponent at the crucial moment of meeting giving you that split-second advantage.

Skill ranking – CSGO uses a player rating system to rank the skill level of every player. This ranking is determined by many factors like the number of games won compared to the number of games lost, the contribution made in every game and the scores of every game.

Matchmaking – CSGO uses their skill ranking to create matchmaking. This is a crucial part of the game because the game is only as interesting as it is competitive. Once one player or team is better than another then the same result will be had every time. This is why matchmaking is very important. Players of similar skill ratings are then put together and this makes for a very interesting and competitive match.

Community Market – one of the very interesting features that CSGO offers is an interactive community market where items can be bought and sold. This includes new skins for guns, cloves, knives, graffiti logos and more. Guns from big matches or competitions get stickers and they are then worth a lot of money.

Voice chat – while playing games on CSGO there is voice chat available so you can talk to other players and teammates. Think makes for a very fun and interactive experience.


CSGO is definitely one of the legends of the gaming ecosystem. It has been around for a long time and it has never lost its loyal supporters. It does, however, like any high-quality game, require quite a bit of hardware and internet speed.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a first time playing noob, CSGO is definitely a game that can bring many hours of entertainment.

 Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO)