Battleborn – Did it Crush Gearbox?

Gearbox came and conquered mainly because of its ability to combine and improve different genres into one game but Battleborn appears to created quite a stir by overtaking

It seems that such a mashup never stopped there and this is the concept that has been revealed in Battleborn. In Battleborn, you will find a variety of genres which include team-based shooter, MOBA and co-op blaster all mashed up into one. This means that the chances of you being hooked into this game are high. It is also why this game is still very much a popular choice among gamers.

Some gamers have even gone ahead and associated Battleborn to be the reason behind the decline of Gearbox – a theory that has been quashed by the critics. However, we are going to review a number of features about the game and you can then make up your own mind.


The first thing that not only makes Battleborn unique but also attractive is its basic mix which delivers the best results than what you would have thought of. Battleborn’s combat functionalities have been derived from the FPS side.

You are expected to race around following a particular map crushing the enemies and another option is that you will be expected to use melee attacks.

The MOBA side of the game has plenty of playable characters with attacking techniques, cooldown timers, upgrades, and level ups during a mission and more. Characters also slowly accumulate power, skills and more loot as the game progresses, which may sound similar to many other games, but Battleborn provides something different.

First, Battleborn is more of a short game where you start a particular mission when you are somehow weak but in less than an hour, there are high chances that you could be a superpower resistant to damages and having the ability to execute massive waves of attacks.

Within such a short period of time, you should be able to execute aerial attacks and resist windmill slashes.

Two Games in One

Another feature that makes Battleborn more thrilling is that it is two games in one. When it comes to the story mode, it is simply about a shooter where a number of players ranging from one to five are pitted against enemies. These two groups are located in a complex map. This model consists of eight missions that should be completed.

On the other hand, when it comes to the multiplayer mode, you will be expected to import the whole MOBA structure which will be of great help when it comes to both defense and attack. The MOBA influence can also be clearly seen in the character roster and a good number of characters here are just a replica of characters in other games; although there are also a set of brand new characters.

One clear problem that comes with multiplayer mode is that it seems to be chaotic and less balanced, but for some, this is the main attraction.

 Battleborn – Did it Crush Gearbox?