How You Can Use a VPN to Get Different Netflix Catalogues

Did you know that earlier this year, Netflix changed how they did things? It has long been clear that there are different movie, documentary and television series catalogs on this popular video streaming site but it was only until recently that they would lock you into the regions content from whereby you registered your account.

This is fine if you are happy to watch the Netflix Italia catalog or the catalogue from whichever country you are based but for many of you, you will want to have access to the full international catalog offered with the US version. The US will usually have the quickest access to blockbuster movies and the television series’ they create are usually among the most popular in the world.

However, if you created your account using an IP address from Italy, you are only going to be able to watch content from Netflix Italia. Previously it would not matter where your account was created and it would just automatically change the content to the region you are viewing from.

Watching US Netflix From Your European Home

 Before the recent changes you would just need to use a VPN and connect to the region which content you wanted to view but now that the content is locked dependent on the IP address used to create your NetFlix account, this is no longer possible.

Instead, you are now going to have to create a new email address and Netflix account from your chosen country in order to enjoy that particular content for the region. Again, a VPN will have to be used to achieve this with there being plenty of them to choose from.

Many of these will be free and with limited data usage but paid versions that can be used for just a few dollars a month might be your best bet.

A free VPN might be enough to get the job done as you literally just need to create an account but if you are planning on watching Netflix frequently from this account, you will obviously need to sign up to a paid version that has no data limits. NordVPN, VyprVPN, and ExpressVPN are just three providers you should take a look at if you are happy to part with a few bucks each month.

Once you have your VPN set up and installed you simply have to connect to a server in the US and create both an email account and a NetFlix account. From then on, every time you want to watch the US catalog on Netflix, you can simply turn on your VPN and you are away.






Best Strategy Games

Strategy has always been a key element of games, whether online, offline or even board games, for many generations. When you think about the many card games and table games like chess and backgammon, you’ll see that strategy games were played long before the computer was even invented. However, technology has allowed us to evolve on the building blocks of strategy games of the past and we now have tons of them at our disposal.

Games that make us use our brain are actually very good for us, as long as we play them in moderation. They can improve our mental abilities that will help us in everyday life and generally just keep our brains as sharp as they can possibly be. Of course, this is not to say that you should be playing all day long and not be productive in other areas as well. Set a few hours aside and enjoy some strategy before moving on to some of the other chores in life.

With so many strategy games for mobile out there right now, however, it can be difficult to know which to go for and will offer the better experience. Luckily for you, we have put a little list together that contains some of the best strategy games for Android; so hopefully, your decision becomes a lot easier.

1.) Age of Civilization
Age of Civilization is a strategy game that takes you back to the days of the good old strategy board games like ‘Risk’. Confronted with a variety of different scenarios across different eras and planets, your job is to get your chosen civilization through these scenarios and help them to prosper. Age of Civilization is an older strategy game but one that is still popular to this day. Difficult and complex, this game has all the makings of being a testing strategy game that all should try.

2.) Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
As one of the most popular card battling strategy games online, Hearthstone involves collecting character cards and using them to fight against other players in order to climb the ranks. The better the cards you have and the better you set them up to battle, the better players will become. Some cards are easy to collect why others will be rare and very difficult, though, of course, you can buy packs of cards for real money to give yourself an advantage. Hearthstone is definitely a good game that you’ll find to be extremely addictive.

3.) Pandemic: The Board Game
For something completely unique, you should try out Pandemic, a board game that you can play online. You’re tasked with ridding the world of highly contagious diseases that spring up everywhere. You don’t have long before these diseases spread all over the globe, so you have to move fast. Play alone or with up to four other players online using a selection of characters from the seven available to choose from. Without a doubt, Pandemic is one of the very best strategy games available.

4.) Roller-coaster Tycoon Classic
Rollercoaster Tycoon is actually two games in one, as both have been ported to mobile from the original PC games. There are almost 100 scenarios that you have to play through that will all involve building or taking over a theme park and helping it to succeed across a number of conditions. For pure fun and quite a lot of strategy, Rollercoaster Tycoon is a must play for players of all ages.

5.) Plague Inc
In pretty much the polar opposite of what you have to do in Pandemic, Plague Inc tasks you with creating and developing a disease strong enough to completely wipe out the human race. There are a dozen different types of diseases that you can tinker with and increase their strength and the rate at which they spread. Sounds easy? Well, it’s not, which is why it’s often classed as one of the best strategy games in the history of gaming. Despite being quite an old game now, the developers are always creating new content and providing updates so that it stays as fresh as possible.

6.) Card Thief
For those of you that are looking for something that you could class as being unique to anything else out there right now, Card Thief is a game that you should probably check out. A bit of a cross between a strategy game and a card game, your ultimate mission is to use a set of your card collection to pass different levels that will involve stealing items while being undetected. Every level will give you just a few minutes to complete, so you’ll have to think fast on your feet in order to be successful.

7.) Machines at War
Lovers of real-time strategy games are going to love Machines at War 3, a game that has a number of different game modes for you to enjoy. Using your brain to come up with the best strategy, you’ll have to defeat the bad guys and save a bunch of foolhardy scientists that always seem to get themselves into trouble. With 21 missions in total and the ability to play online against other players, this game will never let you get bored. With more than 100 different types of equipment and units that you can build and develop, there is plenty of scope to develop the perfect strategy for any scenario.
Those are just seven of the best strategy games for Android right now but there are plenty more that could quite easily have made the list.…

Console Gaming is Becoming More Popular Than PC Gaming?

Last year the global gaming market boasted a huge $109 billion in worth with over 2.2 billion games sold throughout the year. This comes as no surprise because there are so many gamers out there today. Try to also remember that these stats are only related to people that bought original copies of the games they play – there are also plenty of pirate games out there; especially in Asia, being played.

One of the stats I was most interested in when I saw this report was just what is the market share of PC games versus console games. The year before last, the online gaming market was worth $101 billion, so the market increased in revenue by a massive $8 billion in just the space of a year.

See the Global Gaming Market Report here – this is one of the articles I used to base this article on. As you will notice from this report, mobile gaming took up a huge 42% of that massive $109 billion reportedly spent on games.

When I scrolled down the report, I came across an interesting chart that shows exactly which market segments of the online gaming market contributed to the overall $109 billion figure. My main interest was the PC gaming market versus console gaming.

Here is the link to that graphic: 2017 Global Games Market
Console Gaming: You can see that console gaming took in a total of $33.5 billion. This was a 3.6% year on year increase compared to 2016.

Browser Based PC Games: Browser PC games shows $4.5 billion in revenue contributed to the gaming market, which is considerably less than console gaming. I would say this is mainly online gambling websites and Facebook style browser games. Some of those games do not charge a lot of money to play. It is worth noting that this figure shows a drop of 1.3% since previous year.

Boxed/Downloaded PC Games: Another category relates to PC games was boxed or downloaded games. This would be games bought on disc or downloaded from gaming websites like Steam. This made up for a huge $24.8 billion. However, compared to last year this figure is down by 9.3% meaning this style of gaming has lost popularity – needless to day!

Overall PC gaming accounted for $29.4 billion of the 2017 Global Games Market versus console gaming that was at $33.5 billion.

  • PC Gaming: $29.4 billion (10.6% Decrease)
  • Console Gaming: $33.5 billion (3.6% Increase)

Now had you asked me before I started to do my research whether PC gaming or console gaming was more popular, I would have said PC gaming. 

Why did I think PC gaming would beat console gaming?
Recently, in my own personal experience of gaming, I have increasingly see my friends turn their noses up at buying the new Xbox or PlayStation in favour of a decent gaming laptop or PC. Mostly I have seen them buying gaming laptops; such as, Alienware or high spec HP or Dell gaming laptops because many of these laptops have Nvidia 4Gb graphics cards and 8Gb to 16Gb of RAM. Not to mention the processing power that can now be fit into a laptop.

Most of these people say it is because many of the console games you can now get on PC anyway. Also, the fact that they need the laptop for other uses – uses that consoles are not really designed for.

However, to my surprise PC gaming has dropped in popularity, which is clearly evident from the chart on the Newzoo website.

Is Mobile Gaming the Future?

Clearly mobile games is taking a massive chunk of the gaming market. In fact, the majority of the increase in the market was due to mobile gaming. $46.1 billion, which is up 19.3% since 2016. Of that percentage, $10.8 billion is tablet games; while the other $35.8 billion is smartphone gaming.

These figures don’t come as much of a surprise to me. There are plenty of free mobile games out there and many of those make money through people buying features for that game. For example, I like to play Soccer Stars, which is a Facebook app, and if I want more coins to play with, I use my mobile phone bill to pay – I don’t even see the cash go until I get my phone bill at the end of the month.

This style of gaming as well as a huge increase in mobile casino websites, the smartphone sector of the gaming industry is absolutely huge.

Summing Up
I guess what you see and are used to is not always what is actually happening. For me, it seemed clear cut PC gaming was more popular than console gaming. However, one size does not fit all, and if you read the Newzoo report more, you will see different regions have different habits. This must also apply to our age to. I am almost 40 and still love to play computer games. Most of my friends are of a similar age to me, so in my age group we are still old school PC gamers!…

Battleborn – Did it Crush Gearbox?

Gearbox came and conquered mainly because of its ability to combine and improve different genres into one game but Battleborn appears to created quite a stir by overtaking

It seems that such a mashup never stopped there and this is the concept that has been revealed in Battleborn. In Battleborn, you will find a variety of genres which include team-based shooter, MOBA and co-op blaster all mashed up into one. This means that the chances of you being hooked into this game are high. It is also why this game is still very much a popular choice among gamers.

Some gamers have even gone ahead and associated Battleborn to be the reason behind the decline of Gearbox – a theory that has been quashed by the critics. However, we are going to review a number of features about the game and you can then make up your own mind.


The first thing that not only makes Battleborn unique but also attractive is its basic mix which delivers the best results than what you would have thought of. Battleborn’s combat functionalities have been derived from the FPS side.

You are expected to race around following a particular map crushing the enemies and another option is that you will be expected to use melee attacks.

The MOBA side of the game has plenty of playable characters with attacking techniques, cooldown timers, upgrades, and level ups during a mission and more. Characters also slowly accumulate power, skills and more loot as the game progresses, which may sound similar to many other games, but Battleborn provides something different.

First, Battleborn is more of a short game where you start a particular mission when you are somehow weak but in less than an hour, there are high chances that you could be a superpower resistant to damages and having the ability to execute massive waves of attacks.

Within such a short period of time, you should be able to execute aerial attacks and resist windmill slashes.

Two Games in One

Another feature that makes Battleborn more thrilling is that it is two games in one. When it comes to the story mode, it is simply about a shooter where a number of players ranging from one to five are pitted against enemies. These two groups are located in a complex map. This model consists of eight missions that should be completed.

On the other hand, when it comes to the multiplayer mode, you will be expected to import the whole MOBA structure which will be of great help when it comes to both defense and attack. The MOBA influence can also be clearly seen in the character roster and a good number of characters here are just a replica of characters in other games; although there are also a set of brand new characters.

One clear problem that comes with multiplayer mode is that it seems to be chaotic and less balanced, but for some, this is the main attraction.…

Things to know about CPY

CPY also known as CONSPIR4CY is a Warez Scene group founded in Italy in 1999. They came to fame after fully cracking the updated v3 anti-tamper Denuvo-protected games Inside an Rise of the Tomb Raider in August 2016. They achieved this feat by emulating the anti-tamper and patching the rest of the in-game triggers. This made them the first warez group to create full cracks for games by the third version of Denuvo software protection. For both games Inside and Rise of Tomb Raider they released under the name of CONSPIR4CY, though they used the tag CPY to release Doom in September 2016.

Subsequent Releases

They subsequently cracked a game in the shortest amount of time after release until then. Only five days after Resident Evil 7: Biohazard CPY managed to crack the Denuvo-protected game. Subsequently Mass Effect: Andromeda was cracked by them in only ten days after its release. The methods used by CPY to crack games was criticized by SKIDROW, a different warez group in July 2017. Assassin’s Creed Origins, was cracked in February 2018 which had an upgraded version of Denuvo as well as a different DRM called VMProtect. Far Cry 5 and hugely popular and highly reviewed game, was cracked by CPY in April 2018, a game that had the extensive protections of VMProtect, EasyAntiCheat, UPlay and the latest version of Denuvo 5.0.

The Warez Scene

 Appearing first around the time of bulletin board systems (BBSs) the warez scene is a hidden and secretive community of groups whose expertise is the cracking of material that is copyrighted. The groups are composed people with special skills and advanced software and know-how of cracking. Not limited to only games, TV shows, movies, music and software and e-books. In the beginning the community only shared with it own members.

Soon, however due to torrents and file hosting sites files began being shared to the public as is nowadays. Even though there is no proper leadership or organization among the Scene the groups have rules that are collectively followed by each of the members. The rules are for encoding and are separate for each Scene category of content. The rules are also requirements that the groups should follow when releasing material and managing it. So when uploading material if any rules are broken or there is a technical error the other groups will flag the release as bad content, this is called as nuking. Even though there are no monetary compensation or rewards groups still try to beat each other in getting new content cracked and released as fast as possible.



Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO)

The gaming world has become an immense ecosystem and financial industry. It offers players the opportunity to enter a virtual reality of their own choosing. With technology evolving at an exponential rate it is really hard to keep up. This exponential evolution means that there are constantly new games coming out with so many new features that were never possible even only a few months ago.

This industry has millions if not billions of players from all over the world. With this industry being as big as it is, the development companies are some of the biggest companies in the world with names like Nintendo, Rockstar Games, Ubisoft and Sega Games.

About Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO)

CSGO is a multiplayer first-person shooter game. First person shooting means that you look through the eyes of your character in the video game. This game was developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It was first released in 2012 and since then it has become one of the favorites among the first person shooting community. It has continued to stay firmly in the market by continuously upgrading and developing new features.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive has thousands of players from all over the world. It started out by letting you play against computer players that could be set on different difficulties. Then you could LAN with your friends by connecting computers through a local area network cable, you could then play with your friends. And latest is the online gaming arena where you play against other players from different locations, all in one big online arena.

The main principle behind the gameplay is that there are two forces that play against each other in a game of shoot to kill. The two forces are the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. They go head to head in a number of different scenarios from hostage rescue to demolition. There are also individual based modes like deathmatch.

Why is it popular

CSGO has made a very popular name for itself. This is mainly because it was one of the first really good first-person shooting games. It made name for itself by being a very technical shooting game and also very realistic. It is very fast, as can be expected form Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist encounters. This also means that it pushes the players’ reflexes and reaction times to the limit. Mostly it is only a matter of split seconds difference between either you or them taking the bullet.

CSGO is one of the most tactical shooting games there is. For this reason, it has a very big following on the professional level. This brings in a lot of publicity to the game and brings in a lot of prize money for the players. This makes every CSGO player dream to play professionally.

What is to like about CSGO?

Tactical – as mentioned above CSGO is very tactical. This includes things like working the corners and the angles so that you have the maximum chance of shooting the opponent first. It includes the use of tactical grenades such as flashbangs to blind your opponent at the crucial moment of meeting giving you that split-second advantage.

Skill ranking – CSGO uses a player rating system to rank the skill level of every player. This ranking is determined by many factors like the number of games won compared to the number of games lost, the contribution made in every game and the scores of every game.

Matchmaking – CSGO uses their skill ranking to create matchmaking. This is a crucial part of the game because the game is only as interesting as it is competitive. Once one player or team is better than another then the same result will be had every time. This is why matchmaking is very important. Players of similar skill ratings are then put together and this makes for a very interesting and competitive match.

Community Market – one of the very interesting features that CSGO offers is an interactive community market where items can be bought and sold. This includes new skins for guns, cloves, knives, graffiti logos and more. Guns from big matches or competitions get stickers and they are then worth a lot of money.

Voice chat – while playing games on CSGO there is voice chat available so you can talk to other players and teammates. Think makes for a very fun and interactive experience.


CSGO is definitely one of the legends of the gaming ecosystem. It has been around for a long time and it has never lost its loyal supporters. It does, however, like any high-quality game, require quite a bit of hardware and internet speed.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a first time playing noob, CSGO is definitely a game that can bring many hours of entertainment.…

4 Reasons to Use the Money Back Offers On E-Commerce Sites?

In the present day, everyone is busy buying things from the e-commerce sites.

In the present day, everyone is busy buying things from the e-commerce sites. The items that have been provided in these sites are genuine. They also provide the things at the cheapest price. These sites every months or weeks come with the exciting offers.

These sites range the things from the books to everything that have been needed to make the household run smoothly.

The offers of the money back are provided on each of the items and have assured the people that they can use the offer with the earliest possible. This will make the customer more excited and also it makes the customers more happy than they were.

A Tie with The Banks

The e-commerce sites are going to make the customers happier by providing the schemes of the banks. If any people from any part of the country are purchasing a thing with the debit or credit card of the bank, then he/she is also going to have the cash back offer.

The sites have been tied up with the largest number of banks from all over the country so that the people could get relief. This offer is also valid in the schemes of the early monthly instalments. It will not make the strength of the e – commerce sites but also helps the banks in knowing the number of people using their cards.

An Additional Discount

People will always look for the discount. These sites targeted on that sites and make the right turn in providing the customers with the additional discount along with the cash back offers. This strategy is one of the greatest things in the history of business. People who are waiting for this type of offers will get a good amount of discount on every purchase along with cash back and the things at the cheapest rate.

The Cheapest Mobile Price

The use of mobile phones has increased by a great number. This offer will make the people who have been fascinated with the mobile phones to buy the latest series at the most cheapest price. A person can use the debit and credit card of the bank where he/she has an account. The discount is also available on this card and people will get the benefit from it. All the bank cards are made into use to grab the offer. There is no mention of nay special bank card.


 In the present day cashback on Flipkart is making a stride among the desires of the common people. Cashback offer on Flipkart is really amazing as it comes with the best ever Flipkart coupons. People will also get the advantage of the Flipkart bank offers on the Flipkart Cashback. It is more exciting and provides more things in return than the bank offers.

Using Freelancer Sites to Outsource Work

As a lot of the blogs you read here are brain dumps of my day to day business, I thought I would write once again about using freelancer websites to outsource work. Despite being experienced in outsourcing work, there are still some contractors that will be surprisingly bad and those that are worth more than their monies worth.

Here are some more tips and what to expect when you Outsource:

1.Contractors Asking for More Money for Basic Jobs

Probably one of the worst things about outsourcing is constant request after 2 or 3 months of hiring someone to give them a pay-rise. This can be frustrating and tiresome. I have recently asked someone to post blogs in websites for me.

The blogs are pre-written, and images or videos are provided. This is literally a job to open a website, put in the user name and password, and post the blog. Now I hire several people to this kind of job and have had some working for me for over 3 years.

However, this one particular worker decided not to post any blogs at all. Then when I asked what the problem was, it was of course money. Rather than tell you he wanted more money, he left me high and dry – or shall I say late, and my customer not happy.

As you can imagine, he was sacked, bad feedback left for his way of doing business, and all my passwords had to be changed. I quickly hired someone to replace him for the same money.

2.Contractors logging more hours than the job really takes

Another bad experience I had, which in hindsight was my own fault, was someone that logged 3 hours for creating a Web 2.0 website.

My mistake here was not making it clear what I was willing to pay. Now after the first 3 were done and he charged me $70 for 3 Web 2.0s, I then had an issue with his work.

Now, he already had the images and content. I even provided usernames and passwords as well as email addresses with account names for my customers who wanted to use these Web 2.0s to project their brand image.

I once did this job myself. It took me no more than 20 minutes to create an account, post content, and then post an image or video in the content. This guy was charging me 3 hours.

What was my mistake?

In my brief I made an assumption that the guy I hired would take 20 minutes maybe 30 minutes to create the Web 2.0. Note that work ‘assumption’. Never assume when hiring contractors.

What should I have done?

It was so simple really. I should have asked him ‘How long will it take you per web 2.0?’. I would have waited to see what questions he would ask, then let him know I already provide emails, content, and images.

For the new person I have hired to create Web 2.0s it costs me $8 per hours, and he gets 3 completed per hour. He also posts content on those Web 2.0s so my clients have a social presence. Per post her takes 8 minutes to 10 minutes. The success of hiring this contractor came from the questions I asked.

3.The Phantom or AWOL Contractors

Read people’s feedback carefully if you are hiring someone from a freelancer website. Most of the time there will be little clues that tell you how reliable that person is. Literally, my new rule is, I only hire people if they have 5-star feedback. I made the mistake of hiring an AWOL freelancer that already had such feedback. This happend while I was working on a site called op-boost, which is a boosting website for League of Legends.

Here some more rules:

  • Check to see if any mentioned the contractor is always on time with work
  • Check to see if there is any mention of lateness

Here are some I have learnt to avoid:

  • “name of contractor: quality work although not always on time
  • “We got there in the end”
  • “It was worth the wait”

Do not hire these contractors if work is time sensitive. Usually, in own experience, these people deliver high quality work, but they tend to also disappear.

The only reason I would hire this type of person is when I have a pretty long deadline and I have a team of contractors on the job. If the contractor goes AWOL, I will send a message saying, ‘I have removed XXX from your work load’.

I then assign the work to another contractor. This usually gets the contractor moving quicker with any remaining work.

Contractors that go completely AWOL and never contact you again, but deliver high quality work are usually worth keeping on your list. However, use them sparingly and only when you really need them. Also, make sure you always have a backup.
3.Problems with Outsourcing Dealt With!

There you have it. 3 issues I have had with contractors over the last couple of months that I have had to adapt to. The second problem I had was something that could have been avoided.

I was too complacent and by not asking the right questions, ones I knew I should have asked, I made a newbie mistake and let a rouge contractor take advantage of my lack of questioning. For someone so experienced with hiring, I should never have let this happen.…

Play Suduko online

Sudoku is the latest puzzle based game. If you browse through different sites that talk about this game, you will find that many people take this game as challenging as that game of Rubix Cube. If you were in childhood by 80’s it is difficult to overlook the six-sided and six hued square, however Sudoku is doing the similar concept.


If you believe that Sudoku is another out of the box game  you would be off base. Truth be told, it was  first created in 1979 and distributed in an American puzzle magazine.

The game was created by Howard Garns, a previous draftsman. The craze hit Japan in 1986 yet did not take the middle stage until 2005 when sites, puzzle books and even significant media coverage influenced Sudoku to game an overall sensation.

By mid-2005, each paper in Britain contained a Sudoku puzzle and there was no getting away. Indeed, even little nearby papers were getting in on the popularity of the puzzle. The daily papers started to contend with each other, with both The Times and Daily Mail both claiming to be the first to include this puzzle.

2005 was truly the year that Sudoku captured the imagination of the British people. The daily papers distributed increasingly Sudoku puzzles, even Teletext got in on the demonstration. And after that at last in July 2005, the satellite station Sky One facilitated the world’s initially live TV Sudoku appear. But of today it can be played through online.


If you search Sudoku game on internet you will discover that  it has many  followers . The Internet has turned into a perfect sanctuary for those logically motivated sleuths committed to filling in the crates and illuminating puzzles. There are huge amounts of sites committed to the game.

There are additionally challenges where competitors can really win cash or prizes. Challenges, however, normally must be done face to face on the grounds that there are PC programs accessible that can illuminate Sudoku game puzzles in a snap.

Sudoku is really a shortening of the Japanese expression suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru. Translated, it means the digits stay single. Ordinarily, a customary Sudoku game puzzle is a 9 x 9 matrix separated into nine 3×3 subgroups. A portion of the cells have numbers and pieces of information in them.

Others are void. The objective of the game is to pencil in the missing numbers in a logical manner, yet recall, each main through nine can be used just once.


The difficulty levels of Sudoku game are varied. Puzzles can be created to fit exceptionally experienced players or unadulterated tenderfoots.

Indeed, even the extremely young can get in on playing Sudoku game. If you got yourself an enthusiast of the Rubix Cube back in the 1980s there is a decent shot the Sudoku game craze would be up your logical rear way. Try it out and who knows, you may get snared!

Last note

Sudoku, as a puzzle, has captured the brains of a huge number of people. It’s a puzzle that is digging in for the long haul, however be warned, once you lift Sudoku up, you may struggle to put it down once more.

Where to play

This game can be online through

Sudko in Action


Strategy Games for Better Productivity

There has long been an argument as to whether gaming is good or bad for our brains, with some saying too much can be damaging while others say that in moderation it can be extremely beneficial. So who is right?

Are they both right in certain ways?

 Well yes, too much of anything can be bad for you and this is the same with computer games but if played moderately each day, they can actually be of great benefit in many areas of our brains. This can lead to benefits such as better concentration, focus, reaction times, cognitive ability and it can even help to prevent mental disorders such as depression.

With all that in mind, let’s go and take a look at some of the games where studies have actually proven that they are beneficial to us and can make us far more productive. Each of the below games have been shown to have some form of benefit to our brains when being played regularly but in moderation.

Halo 2

 Games that offer up intensive action might seem like they’re not going to do a child any good but studies have actually shown that they can improve their attention span and focus. Games with violence are usually thought to breed brutality in children and while there might be a case for that, a study has shown that players can have physiological benefits such as being able multi-task faster than those that do not play the games. See how to play Halo and this guy has a donwload file available for you.


 All those free mobile puzzle games that you can play on your tablets and cell phones such as Peggle and Candy Crush, will not only help you to pass the time, but they will also help you to decrease the likeliness of getting mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

Any regular player of these type of games that commits at least 30 minutes of game time a few times a week, will reduce their chances of showing the symptoms by almost 60%.

Call of Duty

 Action games like Call of Duty are also known for providing some benefits to players. Who would have thought that running around shooting others on FPS games would have much benefit? Well, you’ll be surprised to learn that they do, as a study revels.

A bunch of people who were not gamers were used for this study, with half of them playing 50 hours of Call of Duty across a week and the other half not gaming at all. At the end of the week they were asked some timed questions.

Now, while both sets of people scored about the same in accurateness, the gamers on average answered the questions 25 percent faster. Essentially, this shows that gaming can prove reaction times and allows them to make faster decisions.

Brain Age 2

 Brain training games like Brain Age 2 are a little less of a surprise when you consider they are actually designed to help improve the cognitive abilities of children. However, its still always nice to find out that they are actually working.

One recent study showed that kids who played the game for at least 15 minutes a day before going to school, did better in a math test against non-playing children. A math test was also conducted before the start of the study and it is shown that the gamers were those that improved the most in the test that was held after the study.

Unreal Tournament

 Another benefit of intensive action games such as Unreal Tournament, is that they can sharpen up a players vision. Pre and post visual exams were conducted on a group of people that were split into two groups.

One group played Unreal Tournament for an hour each day and the others did not and when the final test results came in from the post visual exams, the players, on average, were 20% better at recognizing characters at distance compared to the pre test.

Rise of Nations

Players that love to play classic strategy games probably do not realize that they could actually improve their ability at making executive decisions.

Studies have actually been shown that games such as the classic Rise of Nations also saw improvements in being able switch between tasks in a more efficient manner. Additionally, its has been said that the more a player plays, the further this improves.


Even the classic puzzle game Tetris has big benefits for our brains after a study showed that those who play the game will actually get a bigger brain. The study centered on about 30 adolescent girls, with each of them being asked to play 30 minutes of Tetris a day for three months.

Each of these girls as well as a same number that did not play the game had MRI scans before and after the exercise. During tests, the girls that had played Tetris showed a much more efficient brain function as well as an increase in the size of their cortex.


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